10 Ways Smudging Can Benefit Your Life

What is Smudging

Smudging is used by many different cultures as a way to cleanse and protect spaces. In Native American spiritual beliefs, smudging ceremonies are usually used to purify and protect spaces, invite good spirits into the space, and bless it. During a smudging ceremony, sacred herbs and tobacco are burned in an effort to cleanse the area, bless it, and bring positive energy into the space. However this is not the only way smudging can be achieved, in this guide we will go over the different types of smudging and 10 ways that smudging can benefit your life. 

Different Types of Smudging

There are different types of smudging that can be used to cleanse and purify spaces. The most basic form is called “smudging with smoke,” which uses the smoke from burning sage, cedar, or other herbs to cleanse and protect a space. “Smudging with water” is a more common type of cleansing used by Native Americans, who believe that the cleansing water absorbs negative energy from the environment. “Smudging with oil” is a more recent form that uses an aromatic oil to draw out negative energy and promote positive spirits in a space.

There are also varieties of smudging that use different combinations of herbs, oils, and smoke. “Smudging with crystals” uses clear quartz crystals to emit a gentle light that cleanses the space and allows positive energy to flow. “Smudging with sacred objects” incorporates religious or spiritual objects into the cleansing ceremony to connect the performer with the divine. “Smudging with intention” is a type of smudging that uses specific prayers or intentions before and after the cleansing ritual to create a more powerful cleansing effect.

10 Ways Smudging Can Benefit Your Life

Smudging is an ancient and sacred ceremony used to cleanse and consecrate spaces. It is also used to bring in peace, prosperity, and abundance. Here are ten ways smudging can benefit your life: 

1. Purify the air you breathe: Smudging creates an aromatic smoke that can cleanse and energize the air you breathe. It’s a great way to clear away negative energy and improve your overall health.

2. Relax and center yourself: When you smudge, you’re tapping into natural energy sources that can help calm and center yourself. This is especially helpful when you’re feeling stressed or out of balance.

3. Increase psychic ability: Smudging can help you connect with your spiritual side and increase your psychic ability. It’s a great way to improve your communication skills and connect with your intuition.

4. Connect with loved ones who have passed on: Smudging is also known as “crossing over” or “coming back home.” This ceremony is a great way to connect with loved ones who have passed away and feel their presence around you.

5. Manifest your desires: By invoking positive energy into the space, smudging can help you manifest your desires.

6. Enhance your energy flow: Smudging can also help you enhance your energy flow and improve the quality of life for yourself, others and the environment around you.

7. Create a sacred space: By creating a sacred space in your home with smudging, you’re bringing in positive energy and clearing away negative energy that might be lingering. This is great for the environment, both inside and outside the home.

8. Remove negativity from your home: If you want to cleanse any bad vibes from your home, smudging is a quick way to do so!

9. Meet spirits: By combining smudging with other rituals (like an altar or crystal grid), you can perform ceremonies to meet spirits and communicate with them, which will also offer you peace in your life.

10. Remove curses: You can also smudge to remove any negative energy a person might be sending or surrounding you with, for example if you’re the victim of the curse of an ex-lover.

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