How to Burn Sage

How to Burn Sage


Burning sage releases negative ions into the air, which is said to lift moods and clear the air, and as such is perfect for cheering a person up and offering relaxation, burning sage is used for an array of medical conditions such as anxiety and stress as well as for more religious and ceremony practices.

If you search the internet, you will find many ideas on how to burn sage.  It is essential, though, before you start to understand what sort of sage will burn.

If you are asking us for advice we would suggest California White Sage, it’s one of the most popular options and will burn great, leaving a lovely aroma as well as offering spiritual properties. As a rule of thumb Never use regular sage, the type you buy at the store and use in cooking, not because it doesn’t burn, in fact, Garden or common sage as it’s known burns just fine, but more so you’ve likely overpaid and the smudging sticks won’t be as compact and offer a smooth burn as a premade smudging stick. 

Where to Get Your Sage

This is as important as the act of burning sage. Avoid using large online retailers to buy your sage, because typically these retailers will sell mass-produced products that may not be ethically sourced and harvested.  

You ideally want to use good quality mold-free, authentic, hand-rolled, organic smudging sticks.

Like the smudge sticks that are sold on (We aren’t biased, but are proud of our smudge sticks)  Which are all fair trade, handrolled 100% mold free and 100% natural, and free from synthetics, animal substances, and heavy carrier agents.

How to Burn Sage

Before you light your sage stick, open a door or window, you need to do this so that the unwanted energies you are trying to clear have a pathway out and introduce fresh clean air! This is essential because unless the energy can escape, it won’t matter how much sage you burn; the negative energy will continue to build. So give the unwanted energy a route out!

Once you have given the unwanted energy a route out, then you can light your sage and set your intention. Light your sage by holding it at one end at about a 45-degree angle and let it burn for about 20 seconds before you gently blow out the flame if done right you will see orange embers on one end.

If your sage goes out, it could be that your bundle was packed too tight, or two loose which is another good reason to always buy your sage from a reputable source such as who guarantee you the best quality smudge sticks.

Once you see the glow of the embers fading during your cleansing ritual, gently blow on the end that is lit, but do this gently, or you could end up with ash flying onto your outfit or carpet.

When You Have Finished Burning Sage

Never attempt to blow out your smudge stick! Or use water to extinguish it.

It would be best if you pressed the burning tip firmly into a fireproof vessel, dirt, or sand until the smoke no longer rises.


Burning sage can help you release stagnant and unwanted negative energy, but remember always to give the unwanted energy you are clearing a route out! Only Buy smudge sticks from a reputable source and always take care of ambers when burning sage.

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