What to Say When Smudging

What to Say When Smudging a House

Negative energy in your home can be damaging and unhealthy.  It can affect your mood and your relationships. It can also make the people in the house depressed, lethargic and even cause aggression and disagreements. In this article we will explain the basics of what to say when smudging a house and how to go about it.

Setting your intention

Setting your intention is essential; don’t just smudge, have a reason!

The main thing to remember is to approach the art of smudging positively, so consider your attitude and intent before smudging, be in the right mind-set so you can feel what you are doing and wanting to achieve.

Herbs for Smudging

Before you start to smudge you will require the herbs to smudge, It’s always best to try and think of your sage or whatever herb you will be using as a tool that will help you out, and adopt a mental attitude of gratitude for the help you are about to be given.


Once you have set your intention, you need to focus your mind on whatever you want to cleanse; what do you want your outcome to be? So if you’re going to cleanse your house or a room in your house, focus on that, or if it is an object in your home you want to cleanse, focus on that object. It might be that you are feeling stuck or in a rut and want to clear away unwanted energy so that you can move forward so again think of clearing the space and force that energy away.

What to Say

If you don’t follow any particular religion, you may want to recite something aimed toward any deity that you feel connected to. You could also recite a general prayer, such as “Divine and Sacred Deities, clear and cleanse my home of stagnant and negative energy.”

You may want to try saying something like, “I drive out all negative influences from my home. I will not allow negativity to grow in my thoughts, heart, or the actions of anyone living here.”

You could also say, “I ask my angels to help me banish all negative energy from my home. I ask for this for the highest and greatest good, according to Divine Will, so mote it be.”

Don’t Overthink

Please don’t overthink and overcomplicate it in your mind; try and keep it as simple and to the point as you can and remember while the words do matter its more so the meaning behind them that will do the work.

If you are having trouble thinking about what to say, try not to worry; so long as you have set your intention and have been specific about what you want to achieve, you don’t need to say anything. Focus on what you are doing and why.


Smudging your home can help you banish negative, stale, and unwanted energy and help you live in harmony with your family and surrounding space.

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