Organic Sage Bundles

What do we mean when we say organic sage bundles? Well by organic sage bundles we mean authentic hand-rolled herbs ready for smudging.

Each herb and plant used for smudging brings a different energy and consciousness. So whether you’re into Native traditions or not, smudge sticks can be a useful tool to use. Smudge sticks can be used to energize you before meditation or prayer. They’re also ideal to use for cleansing a house, dwelling, or workplace.

Sage or white sage is a popular ingredient for smudging, but other herbs such as cedar, juniper, cinnamon, and eucalyptus can bring in different properties dimensions. That’s why here at Smudging Sticks UK we have put together our organic sage bundles, simply pick the scents that most speak to you, for example, if you are looking for relaxation try out the sleep organic bundle!  

You can browse all our Organic sage bundles below or by visiting our store:

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