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If you are looking for white sage bundles, than look no further, here at smudge sticks UK we supply a vast selection of white sage bundles.

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Popularity of Sage

Sage has been growing in popularity over the last few years. It is becoming increasingly noticeable how popular it is, as big companies try to capitalize on it, selling it in large quantities over the internet.

With its growing popularity, sage is in demand! But did you know that for certain ceremonies, you need sage that is organic and picked at certain times to enhance its effects, or quite honestly, you are just wasting your time!

Some indigenous people and tribes have rules about when sage can be picked to be used in a ceremony; for example, a ritual might require sage to be gathered in the evening under a full moon at a particular time of year.

Therefore, smudging sticks sold by large online retailers may not be the right ones for what you are trying to achieve. It is also true that many mass online retailers may even be selling smudge sticks that don’t even contain the herbs they advertise. Some can contain materials that are toxic when burned!

SO always choose organic sage bundles for smudging from a reputable retailer like SmudgeSticks UK. Our site has a number of smudge sticks for sale, we also sell speciality picked smudge sticks for rituals.  

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