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Smudge Sticks

Recent studies conclude that unlike chemical air purifiers that only disguise unpleasant smells, burning sage can clear the air of bacteria by a staggering 94%!

What is a Smudge Stick?

A smudge stick is a small bundle of dried herbs that are bound together with string and used for the ancient spiritual cleansing method known as smudging. The most common smudge sticks for sale are probably the sage smudge stick. Other ingredients can be added like palo santo, lavender, frankincense, cedar, and juniper to give the smudge stick different properties.

Smudging is used to cleanse the aura before prayer or meditation, to ward off evil spirits, by therapists before treatments, and for cleansing a house or dwelling, and is sometimes used in Feng Shui. Sage is 100% natural and will not cause any unpleasant reactions if you have any smell sensitivities.

Native American sage bundles

Native American sage bundles have many ceremonial uses and bring a different energy and consciousness when used.  When you buy smudge supplies from smudge sticks UK, we guarantee that all our smudge supplies are completely mold-free and of the highest quality.

Buy sage smudge stick

Be assured of excellent service and fast delivery whether you’re looking to buy sage smudge sticks or Native American sage bundles, here at smudge sticks UK we ship all our smudge supplies from our warehouse in the north of England.

Native American Sage Bundles

The consecration of objects, spaces and occasions by the burning fragrant woods, incense and herbs is an ancient tradition is common in almost every culture.  The spiritual process of defining and purifying through herbal smoke is known as smudging. Sage smudge sticks have antimicrobial properties which help in keeping viruses and infectious viruses. Since ancient time’s people believe that Native American sage bundles burn in a home to clear negative ions present in the air, thus contributing to cleansing and purifying of space. If you or any other person in your family is undergoing a horrible experience, past traumas or negativity from others, then buy sage smudge sticks online. If you are looking for sage Smudge sticks that are both organic and mold-free, then don’t go anywhere else. All the Smudge Sticks we sell are fair trade and all smudge supplies are imported directly into the UK.