Dragon's Blood Sage

Dragon’s Blood Sage

Dagon’s blood is not, as the name suggests, the blood of a dragon or mystical creature; it is a dark red resin found on the cinnabar tree’s berries.

Dragon’s blood has three main uses, healing, protection, and banishing unwanted energy.

Adding dragon’s blood to other herbs will help increase the other herb’s strength, making it a very flexible and powerful addition. For example, when cleansing a space such as your home or workspace of negative, stagnant, and unwanted energy, adding dragon’s blood with sage increases the sage’s potency.

What is it Good For?

Dragon’s blood sage is useful for enhancing spiritual power and energy, manifestation, rituals, to bring good luck and love, protection and purification.

It can also be used to create a ‘mood’ and productivity, so it is an excellent smudge stick for your work or office space. It has a great aroma and is very uplifting.

Sage has been used for hundreds of years as a purifier and for clearing away unwanted energy. Together dragon’s blood and sage is an excellent tool for light-workers to use for healing.


The aim of smudging is not to have flames but smoke; it is the smoke that purifies and cleanses. So after lighting the smudge stick wait 20 seconds, then blow the flame out, leaving just the smoke, which can be wafted around or over whatever you want to purify.

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