Smudge Sticks Phasmophobia

Smudge Sticks Phasmophobia

Sometimes an unwanted spirit can take up residence in your home, and sometimes this can be quite a scary experience.

Phasmophobia is a fear of ghosts that can feel overwhelming; in fact, the mere mention of anything supernatural or even the appearance of anything remotely spooky on the TV can invoke quite an irrational fear and response.


There is no real concrete evidence to say why someone develops a phobia. In some cases, phobias are heightened due to anxiety, trauma, or a distressing life event.

Typically, people who fear ghosts find those times when they are alone heightened this fear; every noise can send them into a frenzy of fear and convince them they are just about to be confronted by a supernatural entity.

People with a fear of ghosts can be prone to panic attaches and anxiety. It is therefore not uncommon for people with phasmophobia to look to rituals to help alleviate their concerns.

Things like smudge sticks phasmophobia are a common way to ward of ghosts and unwanted supernatural energies.

Sage spirit sticks

Sage spiritual uses: Sage has been used for many thousands of years to ward off unwanted spirits and negative energy.

You can use smudge sticks for cleansing your area from any unwanted spiritual energies. Sage spirit sticks, when used right, will discourage ghosts from entering your space. Sage spiritual cleansing is a method used to cleanse yourself or your home with the smoke from smudging.

The act of smudging is calming and can help normalize serotonin (the feel-good hormone produced in the brain), and this alone can help life your anxiety and bring a sense of peace around you.

Smudging will cleanse and re-balance your home. Sage spiritual cleansing, or smudging, is, in essence, an all-purpose spiritual cleanser that will send a message to your unwanted spiritual energy but won’t offend it.

Smudging and Sage spiritual uses

You will need to smudge every room in the house, paying extra attention to any outward-facing corners. These act as a boundary between your home and unwanted spiritual energy.

While you are smudging, keep a door or window open so that the smoke can escape and carry with it the unwanted negative energy.

You can ask the spirit to leave by reciting a mantra or prayer – something like “I feel your presence, and that is scary for me, you aren’t welcome here, please leave my home.” Or make up your own prayer.

Then thank the unwanted visitor for leaving! You can leave smudge sticks phasmophobia to smolder if it makes you feel better, or put it out and store it away safely for future use.

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