Buy Smudge Sticks

Buy Smudge Sticks

For many people, the smell of smudge sticks brings a sense of inner calm and peace, while the aroma lingers in the air. Burning smudge sticks can create an atmosphere of peace ready for your daily meditation or can be used to purify and cleanse your home or workspace.

Buy or Make?

Many people like to make their own smudge sticks, but it can be a little time consuming, and sourcing ethically produced herbs can be difficult.

So online stockists are a good shout, websites like stock a wide range of smudge sticks at a reasonable price, plus we offer a price match guarantee on all of our products.

Here at Smudge Sticks UK we guarantee our products are mold-free, authentic, hand-rolled, organic smudging sticks, 100% natural, fair trade products free from synthetics, animal substances, and heavy carrier agents.

if you are unsure whether to buy smudge sticks or incense sticks, you can ask; our customer service as we will get back to you quickly. A rule of thumb is always buy what scents you enjoy if you are looking for more ritual smudge sticks or incense we suggest white sage.

What do we sell

At Smudge Sticks UK, you can purchase hand-rolled smudge sticks of outstanding quality for an amazing price.

We sell:

  • Californian white sage,
  • Lavender smudge sticks,
  • Dragon’s blood sage,
  • Cedar smudge sticks,
  • Burning sage sticks,
  • Sage cleansing kits
  • Black sage smudge sticks
  • Desert sage sticks
  • Blue sage smudges
  • Dream Sage sticks
  • Shasta sage
  • Rose petals sage
  • Good vibes sage sticks
  • Copal sticks
  • Incense sticks & Cones

And so much more! In-fact, we are possibly the most significant online retailer for smudge sticks in the UK!

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