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Smudge Sticks UK

Buy high-quality smudge sticks imported directly into the UK, we stock sage smudging accessories, sage smudge sticks, sage bundles, lavender smudge sticks along with a extensive range of incense sticks and cones.

Shipped from the North East of England!
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  • Smudge Stick - Lavender Sage  22cm

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  • Smudge Stick - White Sage & Royal Sage 10cm

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  • Smudge Stick - Mountain Sage 10 cm

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  • Smudge Stick - Eucalyptus Sage 10cm

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  • Smudge Stick -  Ruda Rue Sage 10cm

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Why Smudge Sticks UK?

All our Smudge Sticks are organic and fair trade, not only do we offer the highest quality in terms of sage we also guarantee all our smudge sticks are mold-free and ship from the UK.

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We ship all orders fully insurred within three working days from our warehouse in the north east of england. 

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Our customer support is second to none – and we answer all support tickets within twetny four hours, five days a week.

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With 128-bit SSL security with advanced encryption, we guarantee that your purchases are safe.


Welcome to smudge sticks UK, we are one of the largest stockists of Smudge sticks in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re looking as a customer or retailer we have something to fit everyone.

All products sold on smudge are authentic, hand-rolled, organic smudging sticks. We take immense pride in selling mould free smudge sticks.   All the smudge sticks and organic sage bundles found in our shop are fair trade, 100% natural, and free from synthetics, animal substances, and heavy carrier agents.  We have a number of smudge sticks for sale including but not limited to Californian white sage, lavender smudge sticks, dragon’s blood sage, cedar smudge sticks, burning sage sticks, sage cleansing kits, and blue sage smudges.

If you have any questions or concerns before or after placing an order with us you can find our contact details located at the bottom of this page.  After we receive your payment confirmation, your order will be shipped via Royal Mail or My Hermes to the address provided.

Sage Sticks

Our most popular products

  • Smudge Stick - Black Sage 10cm

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  • Smudge Stick - Blue Sage 10 cm

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  • Smudge Stick - Shasta Sage 10cm

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  • Smudge Stick Yerba Santa 10cm

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