Shasta Smudge

Shasta Smudge

Shasta Sage (Salvia Shasta) is also known as Desert or Blue sage and grows at the foot of a volcanic mount Shasta in northern California. Shasta is a feminine herb, meaning it’s a useful herb for working with the Goddess or dealing with feminine issues and empowerment.

Shasta smudge is used by the indigenous people of North America in Shamanism and healing and purification rituals and expels negative energy and bad entities.

When burnt, Shasta has a strong, pungent smell, which is not to everyone’s liking, so typically this smudge is used more in a purposeful way, rather than as an air-freshener or a soother of the mind! Because of its powerful properties, many people choose to use and look past its bitter smell.

What is it good for?

Shasta sage smudge is good for cleansing a space / your home or clearing negative energy, awakening your third eye. It can be used to stimulate psychic visions, heal your energetic imbalances, enhance your intuition, and alter your state of consciousness.

Scientific research has shown that 94% of the room’s bacteria have been broken down after burning this herb. It is also useful as a natural defense against insects such as moths and mosquitoes.

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