Smudge Prayers

Smudge Prayers

Smudging has been used for hundreds of years to clear away negative and stagnant energy. It will refresh your energy and home and help you start afresh in troubled times. Smudging is an ancient ceremony in which sacred plants are burnt, and the smoke is allowed to clear and bless you and your space.

You’re Space

Your space includes you and your physical, mental, and emotional energies; it also includes where you are, your home or workspace, or any other physical space you are occupying or trying to clear and objects.

Stagnant and negative energy can have a damaging effect and can lead to things like fall-outs, and upset even anxiety and stress if it is left to build.

The Elements Required

Sage or sacred plant – Sage represents the ‘earth and the smoke from burning it represents ‘air.’

Abalone shell – This holds the burnt ash and represents ‘water.’

Feather – To waft the smoke, this also represents ‘air.’

Matches or a lighter – To light the smudge stick, this represents ‘fire.’

Smudge Prayers

Smudging is not just about clearing a space. It is also used to clear your mind and body of unwanted negative energy.

As part of the smudging ritual, you need to invite the sacred smoke to clear your energy field and space.

A Smudge prayer is offered to the Deity that you believe in, so for example, if you are praying for health and to lift your mood, you may want to invite the help of the Archangel Raphael, while those with more pagan beliefs may wish to offer the smudge prayer to Asclepius the God of medicine, healing, rejuvenation and physicians.

you may even wish to repeat a smudge prayer without directing it toward any particular Deity, for example:

“I fill my heart with love and light,

As I smudge myself to release negative and stagnant energy,

I release pain and hurt.

And I give thanks and gratitude for my well-being and peace.”

You can make up your own prayers, but always remember to give thanks at the end of your prayer and smudging ceremony and believe in what you wish to achieve.

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