Sage Cleansing Kit

Sage Cleansing Kit

Smudging is all about the smoke, rather than flames!

Burning white sage has been done for hundreds of years as a ritual to purify and cleanse oneself and your home of negative and stagnant energy.

Have you ever had times when you have felt uplifted in the company of someone or times when you have felt completely drained by someone! This is because you are absorbing their energy. The same principles apply to buildings and objects; they hold onto energy as well.

So it makes sense that we all carry energy around with us every day, both our own and fragments of other people’s. This energy isn’t always positive, and over time it can become stagnant and negative, resulting in upset and low moods. It can make you feel stuck, create anxiety, stress, and even cause disagreements with those you live with.

Smudging can help wash this stagnant negative energy away. A sage cleansing kit consists of everything you need to get going with smudging. That’s why here at Smudge Sticks UK we have our own Smudging Kits, these kits are made up of 2-5 sage bundles!

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Remember; before you begin your smudging ritual, open a door or window so that the unwanted energy you are washing away can escape.

Light the end of your smudge stick, let it burn for around 20 seconds, then blow it out, so you are left with a smouldering end; use your sage cleansing kit and waft the smoke over you and whatever it is you are cleansing.

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